Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How Sad

Tonight André discovered that one of our tortoises had died (we've had these two tortoises for about 4.5 years)... I fed him yesterday afternoon, so it must have happened sometime today :( We had two, one was large and one was smaller - it was our big guy.

We think he must have suffocated - Andre found him under a copper cover (the top to our fire pit) in the yard. He liked to hide in shady spots during the hot part of the day. Apparently, and obviously we don't know for sure, he went underneath it and it somehow got stuck - since he was pretty good sized he propably tried to get out and in the process knocked the whole thing on top of himself. Kind of like getting locked in a hot car :(

What a downer... we wanted to get another tortoise, and have one for each kid. Well, now we only have one. We'll see what happens, see if we get another one.

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Heidi Lanett Mixon said...

I am so sorry. it sucks!! Maybe we can go tortoise shopping together...