Saturday, October 11, 2008

7 Years!

Yesterday André & I celebrated our 7 year anniversary... wow! At times it seems like we've been together forever, and at other times I can't beleive it's already been 7 years. Of course, we've known eachother much longer than that - more like 9 years, since we met in '99.

So anyway, I took the afternoon off of work and we went to a little pub called the Firkin & Friar in Tucson - OMG. The food was so good - I mean, who knew that a grilled cheese & a toffee apple martini could make a girl so happy? lol I'm talking, grilled cheese that had cheese oozing out the sides with a crust of crispy parmesan on the outside. MMMM. The drinks were great too!

After André had me good and liquered up, he talked me into letting him buy me a new car (hahahaha!). We are getting rid of one of our gass guzzlers for much hipper ride... a Scion xB. Sweet!

A funny story: Today we went to gas it up for the first time, after putting over 400 miles on it (yes, in two days!)...22 dollars. OMG. That many miles would have cost us at LEAST 50 bucks before. André actually yelped with pure joy and danced a little jig at the gas pump, lmao!

Here is a picture of the car (taken yesterday...) See, the '08 model is much more curvy than the older ones (thank goodness!)

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errotabecky said...

fancy ride! Congrats!!!